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Hello folks! We present our first collaboration work as titled above.. We are somehow very interested participating in NanoReno 2019, so we try to make a simple Visual Novel that goes well with our little time. We want to challenge ourselves to make something that won't be left out. Our style of visual novel that we make is a romance that will revolve around 1 location but everything will happen there. Hope you all enjoy it.

Yuuma Satohisa had to take make-up classes because he neglected his study in the summer vacation. Strange as it seemed to be, but he has to go to school in summer vacation.

The train station were full of sparks and roses that come from people who enjoyed their youth and vacation time. Yuuma wasn't the type that whines every minutes, IF there wasn't the fact that he had never experienced love. He don't have a close girl friend and rarely talks to girls.

The day the trains was packed of people changed everything, Yuuma fallen in love at the first sight. He determined that he had to confess to the girl in 1 week.

Coordinator and GUI designer:

Ghifari Khalif (Imagine Fantasia) | https://twitter.com/FantasiaImagine

Character Design and Sprite

sanasikucing (Mozaic Heaven) | https://www.facebook.com/mozaicheaven | https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1799537


Wibi Gema (Mozaic Heaven) | https://www.facebook.com/mozaicheaven | https://soundcloud.com/wibi-gema

Souichi Sakagami (Trial and Error)


Ikashigi (Mozaic Heaven) | https://www.facebook.com/mozaicheaven | https://www.facebook.com/ihsan.wiratama


Rizky | https://m.facebook.com/mychemicalromance.rizky

MadScientist | https://nsaid.itch.io/

Background Design

Aji Nugroho (Canan Pictures) | http://www.cananpictures.com/


Loka S. Ratimaya | https://www.facebook.com/ratimayaloka/

Official 1 Week Love In The Train forum

Drop down your constructive criticism and suggestion to help us develop this romance VN much better.



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Gonna leave short english comment here and more in Bahasa bcs I'm too stupid and just casual VN player ;-;

Straight to point, I love your VN, I love the story, it's beautiful for me. I just found some grammatical error and that's okay. The BGM is good but I think this VN need 2-3 BGM for more feels. And lastly, please use another font. I don't know, I think it didn't suit well.

Saya suka jalan ceritanya. Perkembangan ceritanya yang tidak terlalu terburu-buru dan pas sesuai pace. Mungkin penghalusan di bagian ending cerita. Don't get me wrong the ending really stabbed my heart but I think it can do lot more damage. Juga jangan terlalu banyak merendah dalam sisipan ceritanya. Jangan terlalu banyak menunjukkan bahwa ini dibuat pakai broken english lah atau sebagainya. Tidak masalah tapi cuma jangan terlalu banyak. Kalian masih memiliki banyak potensi. Just be yourself! Ganbatte <3

Animasi dan ilustrasinya sangat bagus. I can't describe Tachibana Mai anymore. She is angel <3 Terima kasih telah memberi saya diabetes diwaktu saya sakit saat ini haha

Terakhir, keep up the good work. Big thanks for you all~

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[Spoiler Warning]
I just finished playing it and I actually enjoyed it. Shame that it just ended abruptly tho. Would have been great if there was an ending CG to top it off, but understandable that you rushed it for the jam.

There were some grammatical errors, which you guys did point out in the vn itself. but it was nothing too bad that it ruined the experience.

The story was nothing different, I actually sensed that there was gonna be a downfall after the lovely time they were having. Just a classic example of too good to be true. I also predicted she's gonna come back, I don't think it's hard to predict that. Despite that, it still was an enjoyable read for me. You were able to make Mai a cute character, and I think that's all that really matters.

One last thing, I think you could have had close ups of her for specific moments. I think that would have added a big impact.